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Film Making

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The Film Making course is specially designed for those students who not only want to learn film direction but additionally also want to acquire a specialized knowledge of all the technical skills that are used in film making viz -Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Acting, Production Design & Production.

While giving theoretical & aesthetic inputs in Film Direction, we add something very important in the Film Making Course, which is - hands on, practical training in all the technical departments of Filmmaking.

The aim is to help create a very unique kind of Film Director- one who has received an all round holistic training in all the technical aspects of film making - so that he/she can rightfully claim to be not just Film Directors but COMPLETE FILMMAKERS.

With this hands on, practical training in the technical departments of Film making, a prospective director becomes much more than a generalist, he/she becomes a specialist with an inside knowledge of each and every technical process of film making. Such knowledge is critical to the survival & success of new directors, since film making itself is becoming much more technical nowadays & workflows are becoming more & more complicated.


  • Film Direction
  • Screenplay Writing
  • Cinematography, Including Lighting, Lensing, Camera Operations & Camera Movements
  • Sync Sound Recording on Location Including Complex Miking & The Use of Latest Hard Disk Based Multi-Track Recorders
  • Editing on Non-Linear Editing Systems Like Avid & FCP Including Media Management, Digitization, Basic Cut-To-Cut Editing, Adding Transitions, Adding Filters, Time Remapping, Final Mastering & Exporting Edited Material
  • Acting, Including Training in Facing The Camera, Diction & Improvisation
  • Production-Design Including Theory of Set Construction, Model Making & General Art Direction
  • Film Production

FILM MAKING COURSE DURATION : 6 Months, 5 days a week, 3 hours a day.